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What is Astigmatism?

Eye care specialists employ numerous tests to accurately detect astigmatism and other vision conditions, including visual acuity assessment tests and an instrument called a Keratometer. Astigmatism is a relatively common eye condition that impairs both near- and distance vision, depending on the shape and function of your eyes and how they bend (refract) light rays.…

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What exactly is an Ophthalmologist?

A medical doctor who specializes in eye care is an ophthalmologist. They must complete four years of medical school and college study, as well as four residency training. In some cases, they can also obtain additional fellowship training which provides an additional one to two years of in depth specialization training. Ophthalmologists perform many tests…

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What is an Eye Refraction Exam?

Refraction exams are an essential component of a comprehensive eye exam, helping doctors establish prescriptions for eyeglasses or contact lenses as well as detect diseases which don't manifest symptoms until later stages. Eye doctors begin the refraction exam by measuring how light bends as it passes through your pupil and lens of each eye, which…

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